The film and TV industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It hires millions of experts, technicians and support staff raking in billions of pounds. This ensures that the populous remains entertained and informed on various topics. It also allows companies to market their products through product placement and helps us bridge multiple cultural and societal gaps.

Film and TV production is a labour-intensive activity and requires lots of funds and various artists working together. This would be impossible without a collective vision and plan to unite these people. Each production comes with its own goal and vision. However, the process remains the same for most productions.

Here are the stages involved in producing movies and TV show.


This usually starts with the creation of a script. This document can be the adaptation of a book, novel, comic book, or it could be an original composition. A director uses the script to pitch the idea to willing collaborators and to secure funding for the project.


This phase helps the director, producers come up with a budget, and to recruit all the labour they need to realise their vision. Besides, the internet vikings dedicated server will help to drive traffic to your websites. In this pre-production phase also scout for suitable filming locations, hire actors and create a storyboard to help them plan all their shots.


Here, the cast and crew dig their heels in and start shooting the production. The most vital part of this phase is sticking to a shooting schedule and budget.


Once the director wraps up the shooting, it’s time to edit all the footage and add some effects. This is also the point when the music, audio effects and other visual devices are added into the production to make it more enjoyable and plausible.