Hannah comes to EDENZ with ten years experience in the education industry. She began as an administrative assistant and worked her way up to being a Registrar. Hannah has had a variety of roles in other educational institutions and fields such as retail, customer service and banking which have added depth to her experience. In 2012, having completed her Bachelor of Arts in Education and Sociology, she followed her passion for these subjects to South Korea. Here she taught English to children aged 3-12 years, ate a lot of Korean BBQ, and tried to immerse herself in Korean life.

Despite thoroughly enjoying teaching, Hannah returned to New Zealand and is back in an administrative role as Deputy Registrar of EDENZ Colleges. In this role Hannah works to ensure a smooth process from Application, Enrollment and Orientation through to Graduation so students can focus on their studies.

In her free time Hannah enjoys a dancing in a variety of genres, and teaches the occasional lesson. Hannah thinks sunny weekends are best spent exploring the country on a bicycle and rainy days are good for reading a book or studying Korean and German.


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+64 9 309 5208


  • Bachelor of Arts (Education and Sociology)