As Marketing and Administration Assistant, Josiah supports the Domestic Marketing team and the administration sector at EDENZ. Josiah grew up nearby to EDENZ and was a tertiary student for three years studying his Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Auckland. Following his graduation in 2014, he spent some time working and travelling in Europe and has now returned to Auckland to begin his career.

Coming from a customer service background, Josiah thrives on working face to face with people, helping with queries and working through issues that they may have. At EDENZ, he finds the time he spent overseas and at university invaluable to helping him understand all the needs of the diverse group of students and staff he interacts with.

When he’s not working, Josiah enjoys spending time outdoors, playing tennis, swimming and hiking. He’s also a keen traveller and loves getting lost in a new city, trying new foods and learning from different cultures around the world.


[email protected]


+64 21 269 3624


  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)