The television is an ever-present gadget in many households today being an important educational, informative and entertainment tool. Millions of people stay glued to their screens for news updates and pass time to get their mind away from everyday hassles.

What many television viewers hardly appreciate is the amount of work that is put in the production of their favourite shows. It takes an army of personnel, hordes of equipment, man-hours and skills to produce a single show. To keep the television on the airwaves is, therefore, a very demanding task. But someone must do it. This task is subdivided into mini-tasks. In this article, read about the key activities in television production.

The Planning Stage

The planning stage is essentially the preparation of all the elements of production. It is ticking all the boxes to be ready for the ultimate job of production. For every television show, a lot of planning must take place. The script has to be prepared and rehearsed, the cast needs to be brought together, the equipment be on location and the crew on standby for the task ahead. The success of the entire production will hinge on the planning process. It, therefore, needs to be meticulous.

The Recording Stage

This is the crux of it all. All the elements having been assembled, actual recording takes place. The cast will do their thing as the cameramen angle for the best shots. The sound crew also need to be on point to ensure that the sound bites from the cast are as clear as possible.

Editing the Raw Stock

After folding up from the recording scene, the raw recording is edited to perfection; cutting the errors, fixing the sounds, adding some graphics and animations. With the final product ready, the show is now ripe to be aired on the screens.