Be it a sports event, TV program, or just a mere fumble with your camera it is an art. This is production, whether planned or unplanned. The technique has to be liberated from the artist’s mind and thoughts! For this reason, better art of TV production planning is needed at all times.

The Script

The script is the basis of your story. It will project to you the cast and characters that may be needed for the production. It may be screen-play or word to word acting if not based on reality. Other scripts used can be autobiographies, true stories, and history.

Choosing Your Location

Once you have your story, one needs to portray the story. For news pieces, the scenes serve the purpose quite well. In sports, the stadia, the track, the mountain, and a swimming pool may take center stage.

Seeking Location Use Approvals

Some exclusive locations need prior access rights. Some may require a lengthy write up to the local government for authorization for the use of these locations.


The artistic hat hit a top-notch. It would be best if you had the best actors and a reliable production team with the right equipment. With these, you can turn your story into a film. Hit the road! Do the cuts, shouts, and sweats. The screen better looks good. Let your production director do the rest for your project.

Post Production

It is at this stage that you start winding up the behind-the-scenes set-up. You call it a day. It would help if you packed up the equipment.

The Editing Process

You’ll have to get the best editing software in the editing process. With the help of your editors and director, you end up piecing your story according to the script. The perfection of this art will never be a perception. You need to own it and deliver the story that can be a great art!