As technology evolves in the electronics world it stands to reason that television has gone through some major changes. For a time it held the spotlight as it would often outrank its competitors such as movie theatres. Then along came the internet which gave the production segments of television a whole new level of competition.

Internet Television

As the name implies the internet as a version of television where the production of programs presents its own challenges. It has to begin like any other presence on the internet. They need to have a domain name, a platform and a quality service like what is comprised of. Then from there, those who are going to produce the programs have to seek out their own form of training for being able to bring the programs that are going to pull the audiences that will make them a success. The big difference is the method of delivery between internet television and traditional TV.

Traditional Television

Those that are in the field of production for programs now have to give some consideration as to whether what they are producing is going to appeal to a whole new target market. As time progresses and new technologies surface it means that producers have to develop a whole new set of rules to follow.

These can include:

  • Type of Content: With a transition from mass media to niche media a different approach has to be taken. Now the emphasis has to be put on content having an edge which means productions must be specific, have a voice and be authentic.
  • Audience Approach: Another new concept is the concept involving the audience in the early stages of production. Whereas in the past the audience was always the last to see the final product.

Producers now have to create the mindset that they have to ready for the changes that are continuously going to come.